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About UBC

UKRBUSINESSCONSULT is an open structure, established with the purpose of complex support of business in all regions of Ukraine, and also for protection of interests of the ukrainian and foreign companies in CIS countries.

The constantly filled up number of the regional representatives promotes the effective solution of problems of our customers. Any (legal or physical) person having theme or other capabilities or the information, can become our rigorous partner or representative in particular region (city).

In a 2003 the regular staff of the company and quantity of the customers was considerably increased. In the present moment at three Kiev offices more than 20 experts work. In close future - opening of a new central office, in which will be joint the experts in main directions of activity.

We are convinced, that the basis of success present companies of the Ukrainian market is fast reaction on changes and use of the actual information. Our experts will help you effectively to use all accessible for today instruments and methods of menegement your business activity in the Ukrainian market, will collect all necessary information, will prepare the analitical review about your business partner in Ukraine, will develop strategy of the further activity, and, thus, will ensure the further successful rising up of your business in Ukraine

All types of Certification products are availible in short termp - ISO-9001, ISO-14000, UKRSERPO.

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Terms of obtaining Full Ukraine Building Licence up to 1 week
The efficient collecting of the business debts in Ukraine and CIS is possible in any stage: before court  proceeding and after bankruptcy of the debtor. A mandatory condition - documentary validity of the debt
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1 year Guarentee obtaining Work permit in Ukraine - getting and extending. Business Visas, Registration in Kiev.


Gettin permanent living permit in Ukraine. Shprt terms. Extending of Ukrainian Visas.
Ukrainian Citizenship.

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We offer 2 forms of business-reports about the companies in Ukraine, contains the data on the address, kinds of activity, the legal form, a history and details of registration, the management and the capital structure a nd other info . But our possibilities are not limited to the presented standard services.

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